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Kill It with Fire: Fake Aston Martin Rapide "Zagato" Based On Chevrolet Malibu

The Aston Martin Rapide may not be the most popular model offered by the British automotive producer and yet the four-door grand tourer has a solid fan base. Alas, it seems that the love we're talking about can sometimes cause harm.

At least this is what happened in the case of the faux four-door Aston we're looking at. Sure, we all know the saying about imitation and flattery, but, as Gaydon aficionados, we're not exactly having positive feelings after coming across the custom build we have here.

Underneath the Aston-impersonating skin, we have a Chevrolet Malibu - we're talking about the previous generation of the GM sedan here.

So yes, the contraption is a front-wheel-drive Aston Martin wannabe, one that also seems to involve a treatment the Rapide never received. We're talking about the Zagato-like styling cues, which are especially visible when checking out the posterior of the vehicle.

Even the hue of the thing resembles the shade of red we've seen on the Vanquish's Zagato incarnations - keep in mind that, once the concept form of the Grand Tourer showed up, the carmaker delivered both the Coupe and the Speedster incarnations of the machine.

Zooming in on the car, it becomes obvious that a lot of work has been invested into the visual transformation, which probably also involves plenty of eBay bits and pieces. And it's a pity that somebody would make such efforts for a piece of motoring that probably won't fool anybody, whether we're talking about car aficionados or not.

Notice that the thing comes with New York plates, so, if you live in the area, you might just come across it during your morning commute. However, given the negative implications of such a build, you shouldn't expect the owner to bring the car to Cars and Coffee too soon.
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